The Grand Ballroom

Please consider the following suggestions before drawing your floor plan. Remember those are only suggestions. Feel free to discuss each one with our coordinator.

  • At Main Entrance you find a Gift Table and a piano. On the piano we usually place the sign-in book and / or arrangements, pictures, etc.
  • Avoid tables by:
    » Doors
    »The central columns of the hall
    » In front of Head Table
    » In front of Cake Table
  • As the photo & video staff usually works near the Main Table, we suggest to keep that area clear of tables
  • Dance Floor by the Stage is recommended when the event has both DJ and live entertainment.
  • For the convenience of family and guests, place Bride & Groom Table by the middle window at South Side of Ballroom.
  • Cake table could be placed either at Foyer (Sign-in area) or by Bridal Table (Main Table)
  • For events with more than 150 guests place 10 chairs per table
  • Place the Parents of Bride & Groom either at each side of bridal table or simply join the two families as per their convenience